Basic Bio-Mechanics For Long Jumping

25 Jan 2019 admin

All hops mentors and jumpers must make them comprehend of important bio-mechanical requirements. It helps within the studying and comprehension of the event.


Hypothetically this may indicate that the extra noteworthy the run velocity we will purchase within the methodology run, the extra noteworthy would be the velocity and alongside these strains the separation. Be that as it could, we do require tallness noticeable throughout in order to choose up the perfect take-off level and this suggests we must always have adequate power to create sufficient energy for some vertical velocity as nicely.

Quite a few younger jumpers are UNABLE to ship this vertical half on the off probability that they run excessively fast and create a low skimming bounce, undertaking much less separation than they might have on the off probability that they’d run all of the extra steadily or with a shorter preserve working up.

2. Alternate OF VELOCITY

In lengthy hopping, the PLACING of the bouncing foot impressively forward of time of the focus of gravity results in the backing off of the flat velocity. This receptive energy is consumed by the supporting leg, and, if adequate, is returned as spring, presently midway vertical, into the air.

All collectively that this progress can happen, lengthy jumpers will basically sink down marginally on the final nonetheless one stroll and can basically achieve time for a extra distinguished motivation accordingly, simply as rolling out the development of heading of the velocity from even to vertical much less demanding to perform.

A PERSONAL OBSERVATION: In my evaluation depending on coaching bounces for 30 or extra years this ‘sinking’ occurs usually and ought not be instructed. Having watched and shot/videoed incalculable jumpers amid this final three steps to the take-off board, this sinking occurs with no unimaginable concept from the jumper. The sink is a attribute response when on the brink of channel all of the even velocity completed on the runway right into a vertical drive.

3. Energy APPLIED

The temporary span that a lengthy jumper has on so far as potential his/her capability to create management. This 0.11-0.13 of a second is ‘consistently’ they should create vertical energy by increasing the assistance leg and decrease legs, and by which to make drive from a strong push up of the free thigh and the counterbalancing arm.

A protracted jumper wants fast responses of the sensory system to grant a vertical drive in so brief a landing time.

NOTE: As soon as a selected penetrate has been introduced, polished and noticed, any brief methodology work completed from 4-10 strides MUST be accomplished a excessive speeds. This may have the impression of instructing the physique’s sensory system to reply quickly in a quick timeframe. Are you looking for Long Jump Pit

4. Alternate OF MOMENTUM

The components of the physique [arms and legs] can create pressure [mass x velocity] in a supplied steering which may be granted in sum and heading to the physique all in all. For lengthy hopping the time we’re involved with the bottom at take-off is brief to the purpose that we must always make the most of faster, shorter switches so we abbreviate the minute arm by using bowed knee swings and usually bowed arm swings. Brief switches are speedy and dynamic even if a protracted swap is all of the extra dominant but not likely snappier.


The sting on the lengthy bounce is a commerce off between the requirement for flat velocity and the requirement for tallness. The even velocity decreases the time on the load up and on this approach a possibility to choose up stature. On account of the younger jumper, unreasonable velocity is steadily the explanation for poor bouncing in gentle of the truth that there may be virtually no alternative to choose up the best take-off level.

We’re taking a gander at factors of someplace within the vary of 18° and 22°. This level is estimated from the C of G.


Hypothetically this ought to be at its most excessive so contact with the bottom is misplaced because the C of G ignores the supporting foot. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. The faster the methodology the extra possible the C of G is to be earlier than the assistance foot and due to this fact decrease than it could possibly be.